Dark Chocolate Superfood Sprinkle Bark

You’ve got to have a bit of balance in your life and this is one way to get it. The Dark Chocolate is offset against the superfood sprinkle with Goji Berries, Coconut Chips, Dried Mulberries, Pumpkin Seeds, Sunflower Seeds and some Chia Seeds for good measure.


300 grams Dark Chocolate Buttons

100 grams Superfood Sprinkle


You’ll need a large pot with water just below boiling point, a metal bowl and a plastic spatula. Create a bain-marie with the water and place the metal bowl on top of the pot. Pour the dark chocolate buttons into the pot and allow the buttons to melt.

While the buttons are melting grab a tray and cover with some baking paper.

Once the chocolate buttons are almost melted turn the heat off and allow to sit on top of the water for a short while till all of the buttons are melted and the chocolate is molten and silky.

Pour the Dark Chocolate over the baking paper and attempt to have the same thickness across the area by tapping the tray or tipping slightly. Once it’s even, apply the Superfood Sprinkle generously before the Dark Chocolate starts to harden up. Pop in the fridge for half an hour or till set. Crack the Dark Chocolate Superfood Sprinkle Bark into bite sized pieces and serve.

Where you’ll go wrong with this… If there is any moisture in the bowl, or if you use a wooden spoon which holds moisture or if the pot of water is boiling too much, moisture will be sure to get into you chocolate, If this happens they turn and turn into a hard mush, which pretty much can’t be saved for this recipe, but can still be eaten.