Ice Blocks

These are a great hot day go to for adults and kids. Make them the night before, just don’t put them at a height in the freezer little hands can get to because they're so good they'll want to help themselves.

Each of these use a four ice block mould and need to be frozen overnight.

Choc Banana

2 over ripe Bananas

2 Dessert Spoons Raw Cacao Powder

To make 4 ice blocks, mash the Bananas in a bowl and add two dessert spoons of Raw Cacao Powder. Mix till all of the Cacao has dissolved into the Banana. Spoon into ice cream moulds and place a paddle pop stick into the middle of each and freeze overnight.

Acai Pop

3 Tablespoons Acai Powder

1 cup frozen Berries

1 frozen Banana

1 cup Almond Mylk

Put the frozen banana, berries and Acai Powder in a blender and start blending as you pour the Almond Mylk in. Blend and pulse till everything is combined. Pour directly from the blender into the ice block moulds, and place a paddle pop stick in the middle and freeze overnight. You can pimp these up with some extra fruit, like a Passion Fruit pulp in the tip of the mould.

Coffee Banana

2 Espresso Shots

1 cup Almond or Coconut Mylk

1 Banana

In a measuring cup, draw two shots from an espresso machine. Add a cup of your mylk of choice and combine. Pour cooled coffee mixture into ice block moulds and slice up the banana and distribute evenly between the four moulds. These are pretty runny at this stage and to get the paddle pop stick to stand you may need some additional banana to fill the mould to get some stick traction. Place in the freezer overnight.

Passion Mango

2 Mangos

4 Passion Fruits

Toasted Coconut Chips

Chop the cheeks of two mangos and extract as much mango from around the seed as possible. Place in a blender and blitz till it has the texture of a thick sauce. Should only be a matter of seconds. Extract the pulp from the passion fruit and spoon into the bottom of the mould. Pour over the mango, place a paddle pop stick into the middle and freeze overnight.