A healthy alternative to health foods.

By Andrew C

Australians are changing their eating habits and are demanding healthier and more nutritious food choices.

There are now all sorts of companies and even supermarket chains offering ready-to-eat meals designed to convince the consumer they're eating something healthy. The fact is, they're marginally better than the fast food rubbish offered by some takeaway restaurants. That said, those same fast food restaurants are jumping on the health bandwagon by attempting to provide their customers healthier menu options. Truth being told it's tokenism at best and how likely are they to become their number one seller?

For most people, though, making the switch to healthier, more nutritious food means eating more fresh fruit and vegetables and leaner meat. However, while doing this will certainly go a long way to improving their health, most don't realise that it's mainly packaged foods which does damage to their waistlines as well as their wallets.

Switching to wholefoods as part of a nutritionally balanced diet means that you're giving your body the best chance of taking in the nutrients it needs without all the chemicals and preservatives. Wholefoods include a range of foods like nuts, seeds, grains, dried fruit, flours, beans and legumes, honey, oils to name just a few.

And while making the switch is appealing, what's on offer at supermarkets is, at best, limited and often expensive.

The Field Wholefoods is an excellent source of wholefoods where you can buy from a range of high-quality foods in bulk.

The great advantage of buying food this way is that you're not limited to what manufacturers decide to pre-pack based on their machinery and profit margins. You only buy what you need, whether it's just a few grams or a few kilos.

The Field Wholefoods only sell quality Australian made, organic and specially sourced foods from around the world. And if we don't have what you need, we'll get it in for you.

The other great thing about buying food this way is that you're not encumbered by bulky packaging that you then have to try and get rid of. Our bulk foods are bought with minimal packaging, and although we have plain brown paper bags for you to use and reuse, we encourage you to bring your own containers to help save both the environment and yourself some money.

The Field Wholefoods also offers a range of protein powders and ready-to-eat energy bars and balls designed for the athlete wanting to increase their performance.

For more information about wholefoods, and tips or to chat with someone who knows what it takes to compete at the elite level sport, drop in and talk to me at The Field Wholefoods, 158 King William Road, Hyde Park.